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Palmer Migration extends a warm welcome and invites you to join our vibrant community through our esteemed Affiliate Program. This exclusive opportunity enables you to earn a substantial income while aiding people worldwide in their pursuit of migrating to Australia

Turn your influence into a lucrative income stream by just referring potential clients that want to migrate to Australia

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Discover a collaborative relationship built on trust, outstanding effectiveness, and rewarding advantagesAffiliates form an integral component of our expanding success. Here are compelling reasons to consider our Affiliate Programme:

Superior Commissions:

Obtain a lucrative 30% commission on the sale value (excluding any government fees) for each successful referral.


Comprehensive Tools:

Palmer Migration equips affiliates with a wide array of marketing resources including customised brochures, banners, and tracking tools, thereby ensuring optimal revenue potential.


Global Prospects:

Due to the global nature of Australian immigration needs, there is a wide and diverse customer base that spans across different regions.

Top occupations that people migrate to Australia

Australia has a diverse and robust job market, and the top occupations that people migrate to Australia:

Healthcare Professionals

Australia has a strong demand for healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals like physiotherapists and pharmacists.

Engineering Professionals:

Engineers in various fields, including civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, are in demand to work on infrastructure projects and in the manufacturing sector.

Teachers and Educators:

Qualified teachers and educators are needed to work in schools and universities across the country.

Information Technology (IT) Specialists:

IT professionals, such as software developers, network engineers, and cybersecurity experts, are often sought after to support Australia's growing tech industry.


Skilled trades, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, are consistently sought after to address the country's construction and maintenance needs.

Other key occupations

Accountants and Financial Professionals, Construction and Project Managers, Social Workers and Counselors, Agricultural and Horticultural Workers, Hospitality and Tourism Worker, Skilled Trades in Mining

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Benefits of joining our affiliate program

The Palmer Migration Affiliate Program, focused on offering migration services, provides a dual advantage by allowing you to earn substantial commissions while broadening your brand’s service offerings and embedding yourself in a global network

Begin your profitable journey as a Palmer Migration affiliate today.

How it works

Transform your influence into a lucrative income

Affiliates form an integral component of our expanding success


Registration - Initial meeting

Enlist for the Palmer Migration Affiliate Programme free of charge. Initial Zoom meeting with our Managing Director to go through the process and opportunities

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Refer potential clients

Utilise our readily available promotional materials or develop your own unique strategy to endorse Palmer Migration's exceptional services.

Step 3


Earn a substantial 30% commission for each client who procures our services

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