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Skilled Migration Visas in Australia

Australia provides opportunities for skilled individuals living in other parts of the world to migrate to Australia. The Skilled Migration visas have various steps before you are granted the particular visa. It involves submitting an Expression. Obtaining a skills assessment by an approved Assessing Authority and then finally applying for an online application.

Partner Visa

This visa is for someone who has an Australian partner who is wanting to sponsor them.
Anyone who is Married, in a De Facto Relationship or Engaged maybe eligible for a Partner Visa.

Our highly experienced registered migration agents will provide you with personalised checklists of the supporting evidence required by the Department of Home Affairs for the specific Visa you are applying for to ensure the lodgement of a ‘Decision Ready’ application.

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Parent Visa

With this temporary visa, a parents, his/her spouse, and other dependent family members can migrate to Australia as long as his child (natural, adopted or stepchild), is a citizen of Australia, an eligible citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand. Currently, the Parent Visa Australia has different divisions. More so, this visa type may also be categorised according to the applicant’s age, and his/her residence, if temporary or permanent.

Employer-Sponsored Visa

This visa is for companies wanting to sponsor an overseas worker on a permanent or temporary visa. There are many streams to this class, but the main criteria is the Australian company cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work.

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Business Visas

At Palmer Migration and Education Services we offer professional services to business people and people who have business talents to obtain your permanent residency in Australia. We offer services to provisional visa holders who need to start setting up and running a business to fulfil their permanent visa requirements.

Migration Services Australia

Visitor Visa 

The Visitor visa is designed for people who are not eligible for the eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority visa. This visa allows you to visit Australia, either for tourism or business purposes, for up to three, six or 12 months. Applicants will have to pay a fee to submit their application.

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Student Visa 

Study in Australia, one of the world’s leading international education destinations and offers a high-quality education experience with a wide range of choices. The Australian learning style encourages innovative, creative and independent thinking. For peace of mind, Australia provides international students with world best-practice quality and tuition assurance systems, backed by national legislation that is supported by the Australian and  State governments.

Working Holiday Visas 

Working Holiday visas are for temporary stay in Australia. The unique thing about these visas is that they allow you to travel Australia and work during. It’s a wonderful way to experience the country and continue to have an income.

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