Australian Citizenship for New Zealand Citizens

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Australian Citizenship Eligibility for New Zealand Nationals

Beginning 1 July 2023, individuals holding Non-Protected Special Category Visas (SCVs) can apply for direct citizenship in Australia if they meet the following criteria:

They have lived in Australia for the four consecutive years leading up to their application.

They fulfill the standard character requirements.

They possess a basic understanding of the English language, sufficient to pass the citizenship test.

They can pay the application fee, which is $540 for adults.

It should be noted that if an applicant has spent more than 12 months outside of Australia, they must complete another four-year residency period in Australia before applying. Unfortunately, exemptions to this residency requirement due to Covid-19 travel restrictions are not available.

Please note

No need to apply for permanent residence – go directly to citizenship.

There is no minimum income requirement or health requirement.

Children born to SCVs from 1 July 2022 are eligible for citizenship from birth, not at age 10.

Social Security Benefits

Citizens have access to the full range of social security benefits provided by the Australian government, subject to qualification periods and other criteria


Dual Citizenship

Maintain your New Zealand Citizenship while becoming an Australian Citizen


Sense of Belonging and security

Citizenship gives a sense of belonging and formal membership in the Australian community, with the right to participate fully in building the nation's future.


Application process

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